Thursday, February 08, 2007

City / Simcity

I spent a huge number of hours playing Simcity, that is one of the thing that I have in common with the director of the play that I went to see today. His name is Jordi Casanovas and he is my age. His play is called City/Simcity and I am really thankfull to him because I thought I didn't like plays anymore and he made me realize that I do like plays, but just certain kinds of plays. Also we showed me that there are good actors in this country, that not all the actors sing while they talk. Thank you very much!
The play will be at the Sala Beckett until the 18th of February. Only in catalan.

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La noia que ara viu a casa està viciada als sims! em recorda a tu, bueno i a mi també!!jjej

eis que espero les fotos!