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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

In this webpage you can find a summary of movies in 30 seconds. Pretty funny.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The story of Stuff

It is only 20 minutes, it is worth watching!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Feel like cooking?

Check out this web page:

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fun Fun Fun

Check out this web page! Fun Fun Fun

Almost 30 and do not know what to do yet?

This is what I got:

A creative job is most likely to be your dream career, so you probably shouldn't bother with formulas and bar graphs. You usually like the challenge of creative something out of nothing – it's a skill not everyone has. Maybe you'll design the world's fastest production car. Maybe you'll be a staff writer for a stereo manufacturer or create the first full-body airbag. Either way, your creativity will be the key. Making things, big ideas, new ways to do stuff – it's what you’re best at. We'd tell you exactly what you should do, but something tells us you've invented some pretty good ideas already.
What did you get?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Really funny

I still think this is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! Poor guy!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Little People

Some of you might have seen his artwork near the cathedral in Barcelona, here you have his blog. Enjoy!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Who killed the cockroach?

11:30am Sunday Maria (my roommate) sends me a text message "Anna, are you awake? There is a giant cockroack smashed on the floor". She is right, there is a 6cm winged red cockroach smashed in our bathroom floor. I clean it and the animal's juices are stuck on the floor, who killed it did a great job. The strange thing is that we were the only ones in the appartment, so... WHO KILLED THE COCKROACH?

This is how the events went:
10:30pm Saturday, Maria leaves the appartment for a bbq while I am in the bathroom fixing my hair. No cockroach has been seen so far.
10:45pm Saturday, Mike leaves the appartment for a party while I am in my room getting dressed. He doesn't enter to the bathroom.
11:15pm Saturday, I leave the appartment after spending the last 30 min in the bathroom. No cockroach has been seen.
3:15am Sunday, I am the first one to get home. I go to the bathroom and I do not see any cockroach
3:30am Sunday, Maria gets home. Goes to the bathroom. No cockroach yet.
9am Sunday, I go to the bathroom wearing sandals, I am really sleep. I do not see any cockroach.
11:30am Sunday, Maria goes to the bathroom and sees the smashed cockroach on the floor.

None of our shoes had any evidence.
Other people with keys: Gerard (the neighbour with a sleepwalking disorder), Aleix (a friend who likes to get drunk, flirt and dance, lives about 15min far), Solange (cleaning lady), Mike (roommate that got home at 4pm on Sunday and swears that the last time he was home was saturday at 10:45pm).


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Unnecessary Facts


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Alternativas a Pandora

Ya que no podemos escuchar Pandora desde Europa hace días que necesito una alternativa. Aunque ninguna de las alternativas ni tan siquiera se acerca a Pandora, con la que estoy más contenta en cuanto a variedad es Musicovery.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Mario: Game Over

¡Qué cosas más raras me pasan últimamente!

Strange things are happening to me:
-I get stunk by a bee
-I see an ambulance upsidedown in the middle of the street
-I see the most beautiful clouds ever while flying
-I see whales

Friday, July 13, 2007

Pep Bou. Clar de Llunes

The most delicious thing I have ever seen.
Avui he retrobat en Pep Bou. No és que mai m'he n'hagués obligat, ja que per sort l'he pogut seguir gràcies al treball amb la Marta Carrasco. Segurament vosaltres també el recordareu perquè us deixava bocabadats davant la televisió de petits. Sí, és aquell senyor que fa bombolles.
Bé, aparentement només fa bombolles però el que fa s'apropa molt més al sublim que a una barreja química, tot i que no deixa de ser mai quelcom físic. Les paraules no sonen bé.
Tot el teatre amb la boca oberta. Tots. I ell amb els peus ben arrelats a terra sense deixar de flotar.
El d'avui i les balenes al mig del mar són els moments més poètics que he percebut mai. No em creia als que deien que l'home podia conseguir aquests nivells de sublimitat.
Per un moment tot semblava que tenia sentit i armonia i de cop "pluf" la bombolla explota. Que real, quant de sentit i armonia en l'explosió.
Fins hi tot les parts desembombollades, les projeccions, els entremitjos, els somriures, LA MÚSICA, ... fantàstic tot! Sí, fantàstic!
Estic plena de paraules buides així que millor que calli i us digui que estan al Tívoli fins el dia 22 de juliol. Aneu-hi, és el millor regal que us podeu fer. Ja m'ho explicareu!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

La Revolucion de los Medios // English with Spanish subtitles

Although it only talks about the north part of the planet it is interesting.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Hoy hemos ido al Teatro Llantiol a ver una obra llena de talento. Si el próximo viernes quieres que te sorprendan durante una hora ve a verlos:
Cia Guantazo
Reserva tu entrada a Micromental World solo 6€ruillos

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Feu-vos un favor i aneu-hi

Sols, acompanyats, enfadats, il.lusionats, adormits, amb ganes o sense, us recomano moltíssim que aneu al Versus Teatre a veure WOLFENSTEIN i Tetris.perquè surto plena, però segur que no us deixaran indiferents.Del 6 al 24 de Juny "WOLFENSTEIN" DIMECRES / DIUMENGE 19:30 H.
Del 7 al 24 de Juny "TETRIS"

Reserva aquí amb la teva entrada per 8€

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hard things to understand

On July 31, 1761, the French ship L’Utile is shipwrecked on a tiny island in the Indian Ocean. Not long after, the sailors manage to reach Madagascar, but they leave behind the Malgache slaves they had embarked illegally on L’Utile. Only a handful of survivors remain when they are found 15 years later, in 1776. A corvette drops anchor near a small island, lost in the Indian Ocean, on November 29, 1776. The island seems completely deserted, a stretch of white sand with a few palm trees. Yet the sailors discover a baby and seven women, all former slaves from Madagascar. Dressed in tunics of woven feathers, they are the only survivors of a shipwreck 15 years earlier. They survived by eating birds, turtles and shellfish.

Ship picks up 26 migrants -
The 26 African immigrants that were picked up by a Spanish fishing trawler in the open Mediterranean earlier this week have been transferred to a Spanish rescue ship, the transport ministry said.
The immigrants were taken aboard the Clara Campoamor some 40 maritime miles off the Italian island of Sicily, it said in a statement. The ship will now take them to the northeastern Spanish port of Tarragona.
Conditions aboard the trawler Montfalco were difficult due to a lack of supplies and limited space but the 26 Africans who are believed to be from the Ivory Coast were in good health, it added.
Italy, Libya and Malta refused to allow the would-be immigrants to disembark arguing the Africans were in international waters when they were rescued by the Spanish trawler despite appeals from Madrid for them to do so.
Spanish Employment and Social Affairs Minister Jesus Caldera appealed to all nations in the European Union to respect laws regarding rescues in the open waters, which he said had not occurred in this case.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Relax and enjoy

Make sure you make it to the last minute.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Let's destroy everything!!!

When I go to my parent's house I like to go for a long bike ride in the country. My favourite part is in La Vall d'en Bas (Bas' Valley), it is the most quiet and peaceful place around there, only the bad smell of some cows bothers you there. Against everybody, the authorities decided to build a highway there and according to the experts they designed it in the worst way possible. On Friday this road started beign visible from the valley and tomorrow I am going to go for a bike ride and I cannot help to get my eyes full of angry tears because that place will become another valley with a highway, just like so many others and we will have destroyed the quietness, the peacullness of the place. Now that my hometown doesn't have any industries the only solution to survive was the tourism but who will visit that place is it is just another valley with a highway in the middle? Why don't we think before doing things? This case makes me particularly angry because the authorities decided without taking the neighbours opinion into account. The neighbours chained themselfs in the machinery and protested everyweekend for a long time but nobody listened to them. How is that possible?
Well, tomorrow I will go for my bike ride and I will feel stupid and angry, then I will go vote. Funny, isn't it?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kevin Panozzo

Once I introduced a class saying that the speaker was like a Renaissance man. He was a comic writer, illustrator, script writer, teacher, movie director... Kevin is somehow a Renaissance man, he is a writer, a singer, a painter, ilustrator and I have heard that he is a good lover too! Cheers to Renaissance men.
This is his web page:
Specially good are his Oils and Mixed Media Paintings

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Arponeu has a new blog with some really good pictures 

¡Este sábado!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

El meu domicili en permuta

Fa un parell de mesos una noia va venir a fer fotos a la casa i a medir els espais. Llavors, els artistes interessats van enviar les seves propostes d'interacció amb els nostres espais.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Looking for Paradise

Looking for Paradise is the name of Yoko's Exhibition in Girona, if you have a chance please check it out. I love her work!
La Llibreria
c/Ciutadans, 15
Until the end of April

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hello Stranger

Llevo años llorando en sitios públicos. He llorado en la calle, en un autobus, en la andana, dentro de un vagon, esperando el verde de un semáforo, en el aeropuerto, en la estación, en un ascensor, y hasta que ayer no lloré apoyada a una pared, nadie nunca me había preguntado si necesitaba algo. Lloré tan fuerte que esa chica morenita con el ipod a todo volumen me oyo, y ella se acercó a mi para ver si necesitava algo. Desde aquí muchas gracias estraña. Agradezco que me tocaras el brazo y me hicieras levantar la cabeza, aunque solo fuera para mirar quien me estaba "molestando" en tan íntimo momento. Al levantar la cabeza vi que había mundo, gente en la calle, nueves en el cielo, respire poco a poco para que pudieras entenderme cuando hablava y me calmé. Te dije que estaría bien, y que no te preocuparas, que gracias y de verdad de agradezco tu gesto. MUCHAS GRACIAS CHICA ESTRAÑA CON CARPETA DE LA AUTONOMA.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Derek Kirk Kim

I just got done reading "Same difference and other stories" by Derk Kirk Kim and need to recommend it to you. You can read most (all?) of his comics in his web page
I got this book at my local library, it is really suprising all the good materials you can find in your local library. I encourage you to go there and get a library card, it is free and they can help you discover some really cool books/movies/music.

Find your nearest library at:
Troba la biblioteca més propera a casa teva:

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lethal Sounds: Deadly Sonar Harms Whales

Donate at

Johan Potma

Here's the webpage of a guy that makes really Cool drawings.

Domicili en permuta

"en permuta" es el primer proyecto de mas, y plantea una serie de exposiciones de corta duración realizadas en espacios privados (casas, espacios de trabajo u otros), que cedidos a la plataforma por un periodo de tiempo corto, se abrirán al público como espacios expositivos.
Aproximadamente cada cuatro meses, se realizará una sesión de “en permuta”. Para cada una de ellas se elegirán entre cinco y diez espacios situados en una misma zona, creando así la posibilidad de hacer recorridos entre cada uno de los espacios, en donde se encontrarán a un mínimo de tres artistas, que crearán o interrelacionarán una, o varias de sus obras con el espacio temporal expositivo. Cada sesión de “en permuta” contará con un equipo diferente de curadores.
El 19 de MAYO en Av. Paral.lel 192-194 Ent. 4a y otros domicilios
Más información en

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gente interesante

Un día dije que no conocía a gente interesante. Me equivoqué. Mira a tu alrededor.
Once I said I wasn't meeting any interesting people. Look around you.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Who Killed the Electric Car trailer

Hey everybody! This is a really important and interesting movie! Check it out!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday, February 08, 2007

City / Simcity

I spent a huge number of hours playing Simcity, that is one of the thing that I have in common with the director of the play that I went to see today. His name is Jordi Casanovas and he is my age. His play is called City/Simcity and I am really thankfull to him because I thought I didn't like plays anymore and he made me realize that I do like plays, but just certain kinds of plays. Also we showed me that there are good actors in this country, that not all the actors sing while they talk. Thank you very much!
The play will be at the Sala Beckett until the 18th of February. Only in catalan.

Sin electricidad

Ya hace 24h que no tenemos electricidad en casa. El resto de vecinos tiene y nosotros no. Mañana vienen a repararla. Tengo ganas porqué hace mucho frío pero también hay algo inigualable de la experiencia de vivir sin electricidad. Durante el día puedes hacer vida normal y por la noche no hay nada que hacer sin unas cuantas velas cerca. Sin electricidad la vida era sin duda muy distinta, esto puede sonar como a algo muy obvio pero de verdad, intenta vivir 24 sin nada electrico, el ritmo te cambia, la productividad también y supongo que la gente haría más hijos. Una experiencia 100% recomendable!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

My sister / La meva germana

In my case it is true, mine is the best. Yes, I have the best sister ever! Here you can see her supersmily face in the cover of the magazine that she has been interning for. Alba, thanks for being so super!!!
Avui llueixo de germana, tinc la millor germana del món! Felicitats per tot el que estàs aconseguint! T'estimo molt!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Girl takes pic of herself every day for three years

Babel - An Exhausting Film

Author: brocksilvey
Alas, it appears that, based on other user comments here at IMDb, I am in the minority on this film. I found it to be tedious and exhausting, and the effort I put into sticking with it far outweighed any sense of closure I received from it.

Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu appeared at the screening I saw and introduced his film as the final entry in a trilogy that includes "Amores Perros" and "21 Grams." Innaritu, in a comment that surprised me, said that his intent with this trilogy was not to focus on politics or social commentary, but rather to look at the modern family and what it means to be a father, son, mother, daughter, etc. This may have been his intention, but I don't feel that over the course of three entire films Innaritu did say much about these issues. Instead, he has painted a portrait of the world as he apparently sees it as a pretty bleak, uncaring and unforgiving place to live. I thought "Amore Perros" was so pessimistic as to border on nihilism; "21 Grams" came closer to finding a sense of peace and redemption among the general human crappiness. "Babel" sticks closer to the sentiments of the first film than the latter.

"Babel" is of course about communication, or more exactly miscommunication, in the modern world. It's a theme that has engaged the interest of many a filmmaker lately -- the idea that technology has made instant communication so much easier, yet people seem to be more than ever incapable of understanding one another. It's a conceit that greatly interests me, but Innaritu doesn't exploit its potential here. "Babel" consists of a monotonous series of scenes in which people shout, storm, fight and talk over one another, always in a hurry to be understood without taking the time to understand. Very well, point taken. But Innaritu makes this point within the film's first half hour -- you only need see one or two scenes of this kind of frustrating verbal gridlock to understand what he's trying to say; after that, the frustration just mounts without any kind of pay off. People are mean to one another, some are unbelievably callous (I didn't buy for a second that the group of tourists who accompany Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett's characters to a remote Moroccan village after Blanchett is accidentally shot would be so uncaring as Innaritu depicts them). In Innaritu's world, all authority figures are to be justifiably feared, as they go around beating everybody up and pulling guns on innocent people. There's no nuance in Innaritu's world; he pounds his message into you. For example, he obviously feels strongly about the mistreatment of illegal immigrants, especially those from Mexico, but instead of engaging in an intelligent debate about the topic, he sets up such an implausible, not to mention one-sided, scenario in this film that you can't help but agree with him. (...)

After "21 Grams" I thought I was warming up to Innaritu, but this film has sent me back to the detractors' camp. He certainly knows how to put a movie together, and he finds engaging ways to tell his stories. But his attitudes and approach to the modern world are so depressing and fatalistic that his films push me away rather than draw me in.