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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Arrecades / Ear rings

You do not have jewlery to wear tonight? No problem! Try this! All you need is:Pierce the fuzzy ball with a safety pin and hang it on your regular earring!
Cool ah?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Quina angúnia!

Mireu el fàstic que fa el nen que li falta una dent i li creix una de nova!!! Era necessari?
Check out the missing-a-tooth-kid!!! Isn't it kind'a creepy?

Saturday, December 16, 2006

What's in My Food? By Pallavi Gogoi

Business Week Online
Few people know that the food coloring listed as cochineal extract comes from female beetles. Food activists want to spread the word.

When you dig into a strawberry Yoplait yogurt, take a moment to contemplate where the beautiful pink color comes from. Strawberries? Think again. It comes from crushed bugs. Specifically, from the female cochineal beetles and their eggs. And it's not just yogurt. The bugs are also used to give red coloring to Hershey Good & Plenty candies, Tropicana grapefruit juice, and other common foods.
You won't find "crushed bugs" on the list of ingredients for any of these foods, however. Companies have a bit of latitude in describing exactly what they put in our food.

Many larger companies, such as General Mills, the manufacturer of Yoplait and Pepsi, the maker of Tropicana, identify the dye in their products as either carmine, or cochineal extract. Still, many companies simply list "artificial color" on their ingredients list without giving any details.

Food activists are trying to change disclosure requirements. The Food & Drug Administration has received numerous complaints over the issue and is now in the process of considering a proposal to require color additives like the cochineal extract to be disclosed on the labels of all foods that use them. "Hopefully we'll see something by the end of the year," says Michael Jacobson, executive director at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a food advocacy group in Washington, D. C.

Jacobson says that consumers want to know what they're eating. Some are allergic to bug extract; others are vegetarians. "The food product should indicate that it comes from insects so that vegetarians at least can avoid the product," he says.

Carmine may be the least of food activists' worries. It is known to cause allergic reactions in just a small percentage of the population. Food producers sometimes add much more dangerous chemical additives to make their products look attractive (see, 3/27/06,
"Hershey: A Sweeter Bid").

Indeed, who would think that chicken, eggs, and salmon are often artificially enhanced to look more appetizing to consumers? The plump, juicy chicken sitting on the supermarket shelf is likely to have been fed canthaxanthin, a pigment added to chicken feed to enhance poultry's yellow color and make it look palatable. And egg-laying hens are also given a dye along with their feed, making egg yolks vary in color from light yellow all the way to bright orange.

IN THE PINK. Farmers can have their pick from a color chart that goes from the numbers 1 to 15, coinciding with colors from yellow to red. The yellow color comes from xanthophyll and carotenoids in the feed absorbed through the intestine, metabolized, and deposited in the egg yolk. In an article published last year, R. Scott Beyer, a poultry specialist from the Kansas State University, recommended different levels of xanthophylls, depending on what color of yolk is desired. He says 23 mg of xanthophyll per pound of feed results in a "medium orange" color.

The fresh, farm-raised salmon that shoppers buy also get their orange-red hue from eating the chemicals astaxanthin and canthaxanthin. Wild salmon are pink because they eat shrimp-like creatures called krill. But to achieve the same pink color, farmed salmon need chemicals, which are mixed with their feed. In the past couple of years, the European Union significantly reduced the level of such dyes that can be fed to salmon because of concerns that the dyes, at high levels, can affect people's eyesight.

Two years ago, in the U.S., Seattle law firm Smith & Lowney filed two class actions against grocers Kroger and Safeway in Washington and California, contending that they should disclose that their salmon are dyed pink. Both lawsuits got thrown out of court. However, Knoll Lowney, a partner at the law firm, says that the lawsuits raised enough public awareness that many grocers voluntarily use "color added" labels to their salmon.

Still, Lowney says that such dyes are totally unnecessary. "This is a growing problem because the food companies are using more artificial means to enhance the appearance of the product and make it appear like something that it is not," he says. A walk down the grocery aisle for processed food is an eye opener—the bacon and ham get their red tint from sodium ascorbate, an antioxidant and color stabilizer, and the Betty Crocker icing gets its bright white color not from natural cream and egg whites but from titanium dioxide, a mineral that is also used in house paints. Betty Crocker manufacturer General Mills didn't return phone calls seeking comment.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Guinea Bissau

Aleix is going to Guinea Bissau. He is leaving tomorrow and will be there for a whole month. He will help built an orphanage. You are my hero! Enjoy your days there!
Demà l'Aleix marxa a Guinea Bissau, hi serà fins a mitjans de gener. Ajudarà a construïr un orfanat. És el meu heroi! Que gaudeixis dels teus dies allà.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Per si no vau llegir el post us recomano moltíssim
S'ha de crear una "estació de radio" basada en un grup que us agradi i després ell sol us proposa grups que tenen un estil semblant. És fantàstic per conèixer nous grups i per recordar cançons que havieu oblidat. Es gratuït i les cançons baixen molt ràpid. A mesura que aneu escoltant podeu dir si us agrada la cançó o no i us ofereix la següent segons el que li heu indicat. Proveu-ho! És genial!
Not so long ago I wrote a post talking about, if you did not read it now it is the moment to check it out. It is really cool, you will be suprised. It is free and really easy to use. I use it at work all the time and it is awsome. You just need to start a "station" with the name of a band you like or a song you like and it will start playing songs in the same style. Then you can say if you like that song or if you don't and depending on what you say it will give you the next one! It is genious! Please give it a try!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Xylophonist

Really funny! It is great to see that there are people that actually DO things and not only think about doing them. // Si no entens el primer minut no et preocupis, el millor és a partir del segon minut. Superdivertit!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Mensaje de un compañero de trabajo a toda la oficina:
"Hoy es el Día de Acción de Gracias en los Estados Unidos. Visitamos a la familia, comemos pavo, miramos football americano y, gracias al pavo, nos quedamos dormidos en el sofá. Lo típico de un día de fiesta.
Pero hay una tradición un poco especial que me gusta mucho y que me gustaría compartir con vosotros: paramos todos y, durante un momento, pensamos en las cosas que tenemos y damos las gracias por tenerlas. Creo que es una reflexión muy chula y a pesar de pertenecer a otro país con sus propias tradiciones, os invito a hacerla.
Paremos todos un momento y pensemos... "¿De qué cosas debo dar gracias?"

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Prou of being his friend / Orgullosa de ser la seva amiga

L'aleix ha guanyat un premi de teatre a Andorra. Va parir una obra que es diu IRA, la va imprimir, la va posar dins un sobre i la va enviar en un concurs. Ara ha guanyat el concurs i el seu talent ha estat reconegut.
No deixeu de visitar el seu blog és genial! Moltes, moltes, moltes felicitats Aleix!
My good friend Aleix won an award last week. He writes plays. Well, he fights to write plays. And now a jury thought that his play was the best of all the ones they got. I am sooooooo proud of him!! Thank you very much Aleix, my life would be pretty miserable without fiction and you are the fiction master. Thanks! And congratulations!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Josh Rouse

We went to see Josh Rouse last night, great show! He is done with his tour in Europe but he will be playing in the US in a few moths with John Mayer. If you have a chance go to check him out. Great show!
Ahir vam anar a Bikini a veure en Josh Rouse, us recomano que us mireu la seva música. Està molt bé!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Who was your favourite in Northern Exposure? / Qui era el teu preferit a Dr. en Alaska?

In Spain they called the show Dr in Alaska, isn't it funny? The second season just came out here and they sold so many copies! Do you remember the show? Who was your favourite character? Shelly the blonde that works at the bar? Dr. Joel Fleishman? Ed with the black leather jacket? Maggie the sexy pilot? Chris in the morning? Maurice the astronaut? Marilyn the receptionist? Holling the ex-hunter that runs the bar? Ruth Anne and her grocery store? You will have to read the commentaries to know mine!! If you know how to programm a poll let me know!
Dr en Alaska, els dies d'estiu cap a mitjanit a La2, quan La2 no era La2 sino TVE2. Els que us heu comprat el DVD ho tindreu fresc, els que no us l'haugueu comprat digueu-m'ho i us el deixaré! Qui era el vostre preferit? Shelly? Joel? Ed? Maggie? Chris? Maurice? Marilyn? Holling? Ruth? Podeu votar en els comentaris. Si algú em sap programar una enquesta m'ho podeu enviar a la meva adreça!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Corinne Bailey Rae

Perdoneu però no ho puc evitar, una altra recomenació musical. Música de bon rotllo per anar en metro, en bus, estar a casa, estar treballant... segur que us agrada.
I couldn't help it. I saw her in SNL and then I had to download her album. And now... I can not help sharing her with you. Enjoy her!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Leadership and Self Deception: Getting Out of the Box / La Caja

I normally do not like to read this kind of self-help book but this one is very good. Mainly it is good because it is short and secondly it is good because it talks about you. The title says that it talks about leadership but they only say that to sell books among biz people, it is really about being in peace with oneself and with those that are near us. This book makes a good present too. It is by the Arbinger Institute.
Ja sabeu que no m'agraden gens aquests llibres d'autoajuda però aquest és diferent, es diu La Caja i m'agrada força. Primer perquè és curt, i segon perquè de forma gens dogmàtica t'explica un parell de coses sobre estar en pau amb tu mateix i amb els que t'envolten. Si heu de fer un regal a algú que estimeu aquest és un bon regal. I molt fàcil de llegir! És de l'Arbinger Institute

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fall is here

Fall is finally here, now we can start spending entire days at home, making puzzles, watching movies, keeping ourselves warm... nice. I am listening to Sujfan Stevens, you should check him out. He is pretty good. If you like Kings of Convenience you will defenetely like him.

An Inconvenient Truth

Since Friday it is in all the movie theaters in Spain! Please take 1h and 30 min of our time to listen to Al Gore talk about global warming. Great presentation skills and great message. Please go.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Departed / Infiltrados

Thank God there is still someone who remembers how to make a good movie!
Si teniu festa dimecres ja sabeu a on anar! Infiltrados!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dylan Dog

"Puedo leer la Biblia, Homero o Dylan Dog durante días y días sin aburrirme" dice Umberto Eco. Por mi cumpleaños me regalaron Mort Cinder de Oesterheld y Breccia. Y debo decir que Dylan Dog sigue siendo mi favorito. Compré dos tomos de sus cómics hace muchos años en un kiosco de Las Ramblas, no sé si sus historias siguen a la venta o no, pero si tenéis ocasión de leerle no dejéis pasar la oportunidad.
Sorry but these books are not translated into English yet!!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

To kill a mockingbird / Matar a un ruiseñor

More than 10 years ago I read that To kill a mockingbird was Truman Capote's favourite novel. Last month was on sale at the bookstore so I got it. After reading it I need to recommend it to all of you. Do you remember reading books for school? Some of the books that made us read were for literature class, and those were boring because we couldn't understand them. But there were other classes where you could read for pleasure, I remember that there was a shelf full of books and as long as you wrote a little note about the book, you could choose as many as you wanted and the wants you wanted. All those books on the shelf made you think outside the box and ask you things..., I remember The 79 squares by Malcom J. Bosse. To kill a mocking bird is one of those books that you enjoy and after reading it you feel like you have learned a lot of things and that you have many things to improve and to think about. Plus it is really easy to read. I hope you enjoy it! By the way, can you make a recommendation of a book that you read in high-school?
Recordeu aquells llibres que ens feien llegir a l'escola o a l'institut i que ens canviaven la manera de veure el món? Matar a un ruiseñor hagués estat un d'ells si l'hagués llegit fa 10 anys. Un dels llibres que em van tenir més afecte en mi, va ser Demian de Herman Hesse o quan encara anava a l'escola Els 79 quadrats. Quin va ser el teu llibre?

Waking Life

I went to see Scanner Darkly today. I do not really want to talk about the movie right now but I would like to recommend you the previous movie from the same director. It is called Waking Life and if you video store has it you should rent it. It's a perfect fall movie! If you have seen it and you want to comment on it, please do so.
Avui he anat a veure Scanner Darkly. Si us ve de gust aneu-la a veure, però sobretot m'agradaria recomenar Waking Life, aquella si que era una passada de peli. si la tenen al vostre video no ho dubteu dues vegades! Si ja l'has vist i tens ganes de comentar alguna cosa, no dubtis a fer-ho.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Yoko Kataoka

Yoko is from Japan and now she lives in Girona, Spain. She makes one of the coolest art work I have ever seen. Please visit her page and fall in love with her work. I think you can buy her postcards but I am not sure.
Alguns ja la coneixeu. Es diu Yoko i el que fa és una passada. No us perdeu la seva pàgina web, preciós!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Action Squad - Minneapolis Urban Adventurers

Action Squad
I wasn't going to post so soon but I need to show you this because what they are doing is really cool. They are the Minneapolis - St Paul Urban Adventurers and they go to abandoned buildings and explore. Great webpage, great pictures, great initiative! Isn't just awsome when somebody actually does something?
Si us plau, no deixeu que l'idioma us freni mirar aquesta pàgina. El que aquesta gent fa em sembla d'allò més interessant. Es dediquen a anar a edificis antics, entrar-hi i fer recerca de què era l'edifici. Troben coses super interessants! Una idea genial i que genial que algú la porti a terme! Action Squad

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Monday, September 25, 2006


On Thursday our floor neighbours came to give us some sushi that they had prepared. I was so happy! So happy to see that there are people out there that are not afraid of talking with other people! A lot of times I have the sensation that people in Barcelona are skared to talk with others, that is why everybody looks rude in the subway and nobody smiles, they are like walking walls.
El dijous els veïns de davant ens van venir a portar un plat de sushi que els hi havia sobrat. Va ser fantàstic! Fantàstic veure que hi ha gent que no li fa por parlar amb altra gent. De vegades aquesta és la sensació que tinc a Barcelona, que la gent fa mala cara tota l'estona perquè ningú els molesti, com murs que caminen.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Drooling Madonna / Madonna babejant

These are real pictures, I took them today dowtown Barcelona. It looks like she really likes it!
Aquestes fotos són reals, si les voleu veure només cal que aneu a Plaça Catalunya. És la Madonna Babejadora.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Jean-Pierre Jeunet

If you liked Amelie check out this shortfilm by Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Things I Like, Things I Hate
Si et va agradar Amelie mira't aquest curt del seu director Jean-Pierre Jeunet:
Foutaises, catalogue nostalgique des plaisirs de la vie

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Ahir vam anar al Club Capitol a veure Clak! us la recomano moltíssim. És un espectacle d'humor visual, molt enginyós, molt xulo. Una hora i mitja de riure constant. La vam trobar a molt bé de preu i ens ho vam passar MOLT I MOLT BÉ. Crec que a tots us agradaria. També serveix si voleu fer un regalet a algú altre, segur que també riuràn. Està a Barcelona fins a l'1 d'Octubre. Ja m'ho explicareu si l'aneu a veure!
If you are near Barcelona and you do not speak Spanish or Catalan you will really like Clak! because you will understand everything! It is a humour show playing at the Club Capitol (Las Ramblas). You can buy the tickets with a discount at
If you do not live in Spain here is a little present for you, it is a really nice shortfilm City Paradise.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Harvey Danger

Si no els coneixeu us els recomano moltíssim, es diuen Harvey Danger i us podeu baixar el seu nou disc de la seva pàgina web gratis i escoltar-los, són molt potents. Això si, si us agraden molt, si us plau, feu una donació, és molt fàcil i us sentireu millor. A gaudir-los!
Harvey Danger. Some of you might know them, but in Europe they are really unknown, if you haven't checked out their new album please download it for free from their webpage and enjoy it, it is really cool! Also if you like them and you recommend them to other people please make a donation, you will feel better. I do!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Why do you like to snooze? / Tu per què fas el ronso al matí?

The alarm clock goes off at 6:30 but you press “Snooze” until 6:40, then at 6:50 it goes off again and you put the day off once more, finally you get up at 7am, and you do the same everyday. Why? What is the pleasure of snoozing for you?_______________________
Segur que tu també ho fas… poses el despertador 20 o 30 minuts abans de l’hora d’aixecar-te, però per què? És una manera d’autoenganyar-te i fer-te creure que estas dormint més estona? És perquè t’agrada notar que estas dormint? Per què t’agrada intentar recuperar somnis deixats a mitjes? Tu per què fas el ronso al matí?

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Si això és un home / If this is a man by Primo Levi

Aquesta setmana he acabat de llegir Si això és un home de Primo Levi. Primer de tot dir que qui el vulgui llegir que m'ho digui perquè us el deixaré sense cap problema. De fet, tots els llibres que vulgueu us els deixo, i si no me'ls torneu sinò que els deixeu a algú altre no passa res. Us vull recomenar moltíssim aquest llibre que parla de l'experiencia de Primo Levi en un camp d'extermini nazi. Vicenç Villatoro diu en el próleg: "Sembla que l'única via per parlar eficaçment del Lager sigui el testimoni vital, net, en primera persona, que explica les coses tal com són, sense afegir ni treure res, sense buscar efectes especials, sense més truculències que les imprescindibles. I aquest és el fonamen de l'obra de Levi." Val la pena.
Please read this book, it's very short, very easy to read and it makes you think about human kind and what we have done in the past. But not only about the past, if you also read Thomas Friedman's The world is flat, please link what Friedman says about muslims being humiliated and the germans being humiliated before the III Reicht. It gives you a lot to think about today's situation and a possible future if we do not change things. Very interesting. For a long time I felt lazy about reading this book because I didn't want to read about horror but it is written not from the horror presepective but from a very real and cold point of view. I am sure that all of you will really like this book. If this is a man by Primo Levi.

El mundo es plano / The world is flat

I strongly recommend you to read The world is Flat by Thomas Friedman. The first chapters might be a little bit boring if you are not really into the technological stuff. But after a while the book gets so much better! It gives you an outlook of the world situation, politically, economically,... very interesting and easy to read. If you want to know what is going one in the world today this is the book. Again, very easy to read, really. Also, it makes a good present.
El mundo es plano de Thomas Friedman no sé si a la majoria de vosaltres us agradarà gaire... parla molt d'Estats Units així que millor no us el recomano.
La foto però, mostra que el món es força pla per alguns afortunats. A la foto hi ha gent de Guatemala, Peru, Estats Units i 5 catalanetes!

Per si no vau rebre el meu email us recomano moltíssim
S'ha de crear una "estació de radio" basada en un grup que us agradi i després ell sol us proposa grups que tenen un estil semblant. És fantàstic per conèixer nous grups i per recordar cançons que havieu oblidat. Es gratuït i les cançons baixen molt ràpid. A mesura que aneu escoltant podeu dir si us agrada la cançó o no i us ofereix la següent segons el que li heu indicat. Proveu-ho! És genial!
Not so long ago I sent an email talking about, if you did not get it now it is the moment to check it out. It is really cool, you will be suprised. It is free and really easy to use. I use it at work all the time and it is awsome. You just need to start a "station" with the name of a band you like or a song you like and it will start playing songs in the same style. Then you can say if you like that song or if you don't and depending on what you say it will give you the next one! It is genious! Please give it a try!

Per què l'Anna té un blog? / Why does Anna have a blog?

Com que estic tipa d'escriure missatges multitudinaris recomenant llibres, pelis... he decidit que ho penjaré en un blog i qui vulgui que ho miri! Has pensat de tu també tenir-ne un? _________________________________
I am tired of sending spam emails to all my friends recommending movies, books... so I have decided to post that in a blog for you to look it up whenever you want! Have you thought of having one yourself?