Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fall is here

Fall is finally here, now we can start spending entire days at home, making puzzles, watching movies, keeping ourselves warm... nice. I am listening to Sujfan Stevens, you should check him out. He is pretty good. If you like Kings of Convenience you will defenetely like him.

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Anna, that's so great that you're listening to this. My daughter has played some of it for me, but then she left for college, and I couldn't remember the guy's name, so I couldn't hear more. Now I know. Thanks.

And thank you for the link!!!

I am glad I could help! :-))

OOOOHHHHHH!!!!!! I am not that old, my dear older-than-me friend! I had to make my love for AXL ROSE public!
Anyway, watching L'uomo delle Stelle by Tornatore right now. Very cool.
Hope you guys are good, we need to meet bcs i have news...