Wednesday, June 04, 2014

SPOILER Game of thrones of Season 7 Episode 8. Why does it hurt so much?

*Spoiler. Enjoy the show and the books. Spoiler*

The images of Tyrion Lannister with his jaw dropped where just a mere reflection of ourselves looking at the screen. These are some reasons why Orberyn Martell death hurt more than The Red Wedding. The scene was brutal and extremely violent but we are used to seeing violence on TV every day. I just got done re-watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine and there is more blood on that movie than in episode 8 of season 7, then why did Orberyn’s death hurt us so much?

  • Fighting for the good guy. Half of the impact the scene had was because he was defending the most clever and honest character. We do not want him dead and this is why that scene hurts so much, because of the death of Martell means the evils victory.
  • Courageous. Orberyn is the only one with enough courage to fight the Mountain, and just for that we like him. It is the old David vs Goliat story. We sympathize with him just for that reason.
  • Revenge. He gets his strength from revenge, the most common reason in fiction and in real life. We can easily relate to him because revenge is something we can all understand, because can feel it and because fiction has fed us with so many revenge stories that we believe them.
  • Pure victim. Would it have hurt so much if instead of him it would have been Jamie Lannister? I think it would have not had the same impact, Jamie is still the stupid one that pushed Bran Stark, he has changed over the seasons but still. Martell is a victim and has done nothing wrong.
  • Hedonism and ideal life. Is Orberyn Martell the image of a perfect life? Does that idea die with him? Why do I say he has the perfect life? Well, he is passionate, his society is more equal than others, he’s built a perfect body by training, he drinks and eats as he pleases, he is loved and loves back both man and women, he has respect for others and he is hyper confident. If we could live in a world full of Martells and turn ourselves into one of them, would we go there? I would! This is why I think his death hurts more than if would have been another character; he symbolized the hope of a better world. 
Can you think of other reasons why his death hurt so much? Leave a comment!

If you haven’t seen it yet don’t miss this video with some of the reactions ordinary people have when watching this episode. Since my classmate recorded his nephews watching TV for a uni project, I find it fascinating to watch and analize people watching TV . Enjoy!

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