Tuesday, October 24, 2006

To kill a mockingbird / Matar a un ruiseñor

More than 10 years ago I read that To kill a mockingbird was Truman Capote's favourite novel. Last month was on sale at the bookstore so I got it. After reading it I need to recommend it to all of you. Do you remember reading books for school? Some of the books that made us read were for literature class, and those were boring because we couldn't understand them. But there were other classes where you could read for pleasure, I remember that there was a shelf full of books and as long as you wrote a little note about the book, you could choose as many as you wanted and the wants you wanted. All those books on the shelf made you think outside the box and ask you things..., I remember The 79 squares by Malcom J. Bosse. To kill a mocking bird is one of those books that you enjoy and after reading it you feel like you have learned a lot of things and that you have many things to improve and to think about. Plus it is really easy to read. I hope you enjoy it! By the way, can you make a recommendation of a book that you read in high-school?
Recordeu aquells llibres que ens feien llegir a l'escola o a l'institut i que ens canviaven la manera de veure el món? Matar a un ruiseñor hagués estat un d'ells si l'hagués llegit fa 10 anys. Un dels llibres que em van tenir més afecte en mi, va ser Demian de Herman Hesse o quan encara anava a l'escola Els 79 quadrats. Quin va ser el teu llibre?

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To Kill A Mockingbird has been my favorite novel for years. I first saw the movie when I was a child, and I read the book as soon as I was old enough to understand it.

I didn't know about the connection between Harper Lee and Trumone Capote until later (they were dear friends).

Now that you've read the novel, I recommend you watch the film.

Thanks for the recommendation! I will try to watch it this weekend. I saw the picture of you and the one of the girl that played Scout! It is crazy how much you looked alike!