Thursday, July 12, 2012

On how buddhism humilliates women

Today I have felt really hurt twice in a place that had never hurt before:

  • I went to visit some of the buddhist Temples in Chiang Mai, Thailand and in one of them I was denied access because I am a woman. A nice big sticker decorated the stairs “Women are not allowed”
  • In the afternoon we went to what they call “Monk chat”, a talk with the monks about buddhism and culture. When we were leaving, we were saying goodbye to one of the monks and he gave Robert a handshake, when I offered my hand, we rapidly moved his hand to his back.  
Photo by Garycycles
Of course, it is my fault for now remembering that I am not supposed to touch a monk. Of course it is my fault for being a tempting and dirty woman, so nasty that I cannot enter their temples or touch them.

During the chat, I asked the monks if it was common not to let women enter their temples, the reply was clear “I have never been in that particular temple”. A british girl asked if in the eyes of Buddhism, man and women are equal, the reply was “Yes, because both of us can reach enlightment”. Hypocrisy, wanting to like, disrespect… this religion are really backwards!

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