Friday, February 15, 2013

Thank you dear husband!

Fortunately there is no rule about the Facebook status updates, but recently I have noticied that some of my facebook friends post really weird things, here's some examples:
  • Ridiculous. Myself, today I was looking for a friend in Facebook that died some years ago to thank him for recommending me to read a book. What was I thinking? Who was that status update for?
    • For his memory, so I don't forget him? if that is the case, why don't I just write him an email? Or think about him in silence? Or free some birds? Light up a candle?
    • For our common friends:
    • So I make them remember that he died?
    • So they all know that I am a really nice person and I don't forget him?
    • So they all know what I am reading and we can talk about the book
    • For myself? But why?
  • Another funny example: "Thank you dear husband for this fantastic 2 years, happy anniversary to us!" Her husband has never been on Facebook and never will. Who does she write this message for? Why does she write "happy anniversary to us!" if he is not on Facebook? It is like if she went inside the bathroom and said "Happy aniversary!!" but nobody was there to hear her. Nobody? Well, her 878 "friends". 
Facebook sounds like the new church, a place where we go to be seen by our neighbours, so everybody in the community knows that we are good believers and that we are there like everybody else.

It also sounds like a lot of unnecessary noise. I'd better shut up, I have almost erased my account to many times but I still cannot do it.

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