Monday, June 11, 2012

Paradise number 3: Pulau Langkawi

After Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Tioman, the third paradise is Pulau Langkawi in the Adaman sea. Some facts about Langkawi:
  • Malays eager for consumism, shops and Duty free items love it.
  • We meet a lot of very well travelled people that advised us not to come to Langkawi.
  • We stayed in Langwaki for over a month, yes, we don't like to be told what to do or where to go. :-P
  • This might be the only paradise with a road in it.
  • Underneath the surface of a very tourist island, we found two things:
    • An amazing expat community that welcomed us inmediately and made our stay in Langkawi a fantastic, unforgetable time. We are so thankful for that!
    • Locals living in their kampung houses, going to school and doing their business like everywhere else, I mean this is still their country. I say this because we were told that there where just a few malays in Langkawi!!!
  • The water is not clear like in Perhentian and Tioman but the beaches are fantastic and the lake too. 
  • There is jellyfish so it is always an adventure to go swimming!
  • But for us Langkawi will always be the place where we meet great people that love boats, the sea and travelling! Thanks!

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