Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pigs feet, grasshoppers,...

Image from Lao voices
It is always fun to think about all the strange things we eat, here's a list of mine:
  • Pigs feet, I love them, specialy the ones they used to make in Fontfaja
  • Rotten cheese from France
  • Botifarra de perol: sausage made with all the organs you can think of
  • Robert ate pigs heart the other day...
  • And the last new thing in my repertoir: a yummy delicious grasshopper! We were buying springrolls and the lady in the next stall was sellilng all kinds of fried bugs, she gave me a grasshopper to try and I didn't hesitate! After I had the grasshopper she wanted me to try some king of worm but it looked to disgusting. The grasshopper was actually very good and tasted really clean, something I could snack on!

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