Tuesday, August 14, 2012


How can I feel homesick when I have the Barcelona team all day around me? Here's a list of some places where I find them:

  • I wake up, go to 7Eleven to buy a water, I open the fridge and they are on the water bottle that I will buy (the cheapest).
  • I go pay and they are behind the counter in a poster.
  • I turn the corner and a huge sticker with their faces is on the bus.
  • I go to the swimming pool, on thet way there I go by a pub, their rough faces are everywhere. The Real Madrid clean faces are next to them.
  • Go for a bike ride on the country side, the houses may not have doors but they sure have a huge Chang-Barcelona canvas hanging from the balconies.
  • I am in Bangkok and I get in the subway right next to Messi's eye. 
  • Robert gets a mineral water and they they are again!
Home sweet home!

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