Thursday, December 20, 2012

On how Asia reminds me of my childhood: Excitement

Cycling around Asia is a great way to see the real life. You can go on an organized tour or you can go by yourself, most of the places are very safe and people are extremly curious about you.

When you cycle in small towns kids get extremely excited. Here's some of the situations:
  • Moms with babies waiving at you, starting to teach the kid to say "Hello"
  • Kids so little they don't even know what to do, they just stare at you with their mouth wide open.
  • If you look at the front yard of the house, you might see little kids going to get their big brother because they want to go by the road and say hello to you.
  • Kids screaming "Hello", "What is your name?", "Wellcome to Malaysia!".
  • Kids picking up their old rusty bikes and racing you.
  • Shy girls smilling at you and waiving from their bikes.
  • Teenagers getting out of school and trying to block your way or do stupid things.
  • And the most painfull but also the best, High fives! Yes, high fives are back.
When I was little every summer there was a race going on and they would go through my grandparent's house. We would be waiting for them for hourss, to see the cyclist, to cheer at them and to get the beach balls and other merchandising that they were giving away.

Going through the little villages and hearing the kids with their "hello, hello" made me think of what I looked like when I was little.

The picture that ilustrates this post was taken by somebody I don't remember with Max's camera during our trip from Saigon to Hanoi in Vietnam.

Here's other reasons why Asia reminds me of my childhood:
Everything is under construction and there are lots of flowers
Sun drying food and stone tables 
Poorly paved roads and reusing stuff

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