Monday, July 01, 2013

Humour and Airlines: Thank you for paying attention to our safety presentation

In school it was clear, the teacher that caught our attention the most was the one that was unpredictable, passionate and funny. Today for the first time I listed to 2 different safety presentations in airplanes:

Delta Airlines, Domestic flight

The plane was small and had no screens so the flight attendant made all the explanation and added some things like this:
  • "In case of emergency, first stop screaming, then pull the mask..."
  • "During this really long flight to..." (flight is about 30 min)
  • When demonstrating how to use the seat belt he did it in slow motion
  • "If you have any complains or commentaries you are welcome to contact us via our webpage and you can also keep them to yourself"
  • After we landed: "be careful when opening the compartments and get out of here!"

Delta Airlines, International flight

A little bit more low key, but still great because it catches people's attention, here's a version of the video they showed:

Thanks Delta Airlines for making the experience a little bit more relaxing!

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