Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Kid soldiers

Today I came across this photo taken in Somalia. What do I see in it?
  • Curiosity
  • Need to be recognized/liked
  • Adult showing his reality to a kid.
  • No fear of guns.
  • The reality a lof a lot of children that are used for different military groups all around the globe. Take a look at the list of countries in this wikipedia entry, you will be surprised.
  • An apperantly innocent photo taken in a country where 200.000 kids have carried arms or have been recruited in the country's militias against their will during the last 12 years.
  • Need to stop making devices to kill other humans.
  • Images by J. Gettleman. Here's a story of the image
  • A fact that leads to other images, this time not so happy looking:
Kids carrying guns for a US ally

What do you see?

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