Thursday, May 17, 2012

Having a scooter

My friends from Olot probably remember me in my Honda PXR, what a great bike that was! Nothing to compare with Gerard's Vespino, Arantxa's Jog or Caixas' scooter inhered from his older brother. :-P
Right now we are in the beautiful island of Langkawi where there are roads, so we have rented a scooter. Here's some things I forgot about riding a motorbike:

  • The sensation of freedom that you get, it all came back to me
  • How fast you can get to everywhere
  • How much fun it is to pass all the cars in a traffic light and be the first one to go
  • While I am riding the schooter I always sing this old song from Cristina y los subterraneos, how weird is that?
I cannot help to insert a video of Nanni Moretti riding his Vespa in Rome in Caro Diario, I love that movie!

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