Sunday, May 27, 2012

Taking photos with us

Picture taken by the Rogge Master in Merdeka Sq KL
This was the first man that asked us to take a picture with him, this is what we thought in order of appearence:
  • That he didn't speak good english and that what he really wanted was us to take a picture of him. We soon discovered that we were wrong, not only he wanted to take a picture WITH us, but he wanted us to take off our sunglasses so his friends and family would see our eyes.
  • That he wanted to steal from us. This is our second day in Malaysia and we were coming from Barcelona, I hope malays can forgive us.
  • That he was out of his mind, I mean, he only had some teeth left and was all alone wearing a pink shirt! Not only he was not out of his mind but he was a very nice and friendly guy.
The next day, while walking on a Park we got asked by a group of people from Singapore and today I got asked by a couple from Sudan. The funny thing is that they always have special requirements: take off your sunglasses so we can see your eyes, pose here, pose there, or even to take a photo with you on your bikini so everybody can see how fair your skin is! :-) I love cultural exchange!

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