Sunday, January 20, 2013

Strong vietnamese women

She has been selling food for the past 53 years next to the market in Dalat
Eventhough women in Vietnam are clearly second class citizens and domestic violence is a real problem, you can see how powerful vietnamese women are when you look at them in the eyes.

Women had a very important role when the vietnamese men were called to fight, first in the French War, then in the Anti-American War and in the Cambodian War (as they call them). With the men gone, women were in charge of everything: protecting the family, protecting the villages in a time of war, plowing fields, picking up the rice, keeping the canals for proper irrigation, raising kids, selling whatever they had as a surplus,... and they did it for many decades. Hard times made hard ladies!

An Inch of Land is an Ounce of Gold. Our Duty is to Plant as Many Vegetables as Possible.

You can see the importance of women in the propaganda posters, most of them show women and talk to women about farming, planting, construction,... not your ordinary "shop at our store" message!

We Must Cultivate a Lot of Soybeans
Priority Should be Given to Rice Without Neglecting Industrial Crops and Livestock

Irrigation Systems Must be Used Wisely and Conscientiously Maintained
Fighting to Harvest 10 Tonnes of Rice Per Hectare
Enemies Will Certainly Be Defeated ! (France – USA – China)

Today the party strongly "advises" to have only 2 children and everybody wants to have boys and only boys. Thanks to their prayers (is that how gendercide is called now?) they will soon have real problems to marry their males because there won't be enough females.

Here's a couple of articles that talk about current gender issues in Vietnam:

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