Friday, January 25, 2013

On how Asia reminds me of childhood - Mice

My parent's are not going to like this, but it is true, we used to live in an appartment in downtown Olot and in the storage room there were mice. I do not remember ever seeing or hearing them but I remember my father's telling me that there were mice, how the traps worked and not to put my fingers in there.

Since we have been in Asia we have had many encounters with mice:
  • You see them on the street at night
  • Next to the markets and even sometimes in your room. 
  • I remember one night in Cherating while I was reading Ana Karenina I saw a mice on the frame of the bungalow but the book was so good that I didn't care. 
  • In Cambodia Robert was working one night and he saw mice playing around him. 
This is the modernist flat in Olot that had mice. Thanks Josep M. Pararols for the photo
Last night a group of mice living on the roof of our room woke me up. They were going up and down like crazy. In my adult life I have not been around mice so here's another reason why Asia reminds me of my childhood!

Here's other reasons:
Everything is under construction and lots of flowers
Sun drying food and stone tables 
Reusing everything and poorly paved roads

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