Friday, September 28, 2012

Do not talk to strangers

Being a woman and travelling half of the time alone in Asia is not easy. I am going to write some posts about women related safety issues, here's the first one, I thought of this when talking with some female friends who are also travellers but they haven't been in Asia alone.

Do not talk to strangers

When I was little my parents told me not to talk to strangers and this worked out for me pretty well until I moved to Asia. People here are so nice and so curious about you that they want to get to know. The ways of showing this curiosity go from:
  • Honking at you from their mortorbikes or cars
  • Saying "Hi", smiling and moving their heads when you walk by
  • Rolling down the window and screaming things like "Welcome to my country!"
  • Stopping their car in the middle of the road at 11pm when they see you walking on a direction that makes no sense.
  • Asking you where you are from when you are walking on the street.
  • Showing you the places where they like to eat (this applies everywhere we have been but not Thailand).

Do not take food from strangers

 Again, I know I shouldn't take food or drinks from people I don't know, but some of the best experiences that I have had are because people gave me food or drinks as presents. Here's some of the best examples:
  • Bringing you drinks when you share a long bus ride with somebody.
  • Giving you fruits that they picked from their gardens
  • Inviting you to coffees, even if they don't talk to you and they just seat in the table next to yours
  • Inviting you to have tea with them and chat for hours
  • Bringing you a birthday cake with candle included because they heard it was your birthday
So if people are so nice and so warm, how am I supposed to not talk to strangers and not take food and drinks from people I don't know?

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Wow, my travel experience is limited to the Americas and Europe and overall it's been so positive that I really don't put much thought about whom I talk to and such; I just go with the flow. For me, it's a matter of feeling and instinct; I take pride in being able to "get" the vibe of the person and if I like it I trust them, but if I feel there's something off I just walk away... Now, when I hear stories like yours, I don't know if I'm being too naïve...

breaking the rules! :) Crec que les convencions són diferents segons els països on et mous, pel que expliques no crec que sigui posar-te en perill parlar o acceptar menjar dels qui, encara, no coneixes.